Rizk Casino Review

Rizk Casino provides players with an online gambling experience that is second to none. With its modern platform and some of the best developers in 2017, it has quickly become one of the most reputable sites on which you can find real money betting or even sportsbook options if interested! Furthermore, they’re welcoming no matter where your country may be because all languages are supported by this Canadian-based company as well so don’t hesitate any longer – get started today.


If you want a website with great odds and an entertaining theme, look no further than Rizk. It offers its customers exclusive rewards through its loyalty program called Wheel of risk which gives out cash or other perks for meeting certain game-related milestones like betting 500 euros on football (soccer) matches within one week!

If you’re looking for a safe and secure way to bet on sports, then Rizk is the place. With 24/7 customer service as well desktop access in Canadian dollars they have everything covered from A-Z!


Rizk Casino uses the latest in gaming software from several big providers. The games are featured on a new platform that has been optimized for computers and mobile devices alike, with some unique features like being able to play without downloading anything!

To make wagering faster and easier, Rizk Sportsbook has implemented an interface that will take some getting used to. Though it’s based on the browser so you can access your account at any time from anywhere with just one click of a button or tap if using mobile devices! The bet slip isn’t too hard once we understand how everything works- there are different options for types of bets as well such as single versus combo etc.

The mobile platform is one of the best options for betting on your phone. It’s available in instant play and through native apps, so you can enjoy it no matter what device you have!


The banking at Rizk can be done in multiple currencies. Customers are required to either use their local currency or opt for C$. The deposit options are available depending on the jurisdiction, but Canadian players generally prefer using Skrill, Paysafecard and Visa MasterCard NETELLER. Other supported methods include Trustly Euteller Entercash which will add money instantly into your account without any fees taken by the operator.

The deposit methods are a great way to get your foot in the door, with most of them offering instant access and liquidity. Skrill holders should note that they won’t be able to use their Visa or MasterCard for making deposits at first though – but once you make another transaction on either card then it will work just fine!


With a simple and easy-to-use interface, it’s now easier than ever to place bets on your favorite sporting events. All you need is internet access from anywhere in the world!

The Rizk mobile apps can give you an awesome experience on the go with optimized games that come with better control for playing on small screens.

In an effort to make gambling on the go even more convenient, Rizk has introduced their mobile platform. This innovative system includes all of your favourite features like Wheel Of Fortune and special promotions with deposits made from anywhere at any time!

Sports Betting

Rizk Sports is a new addition to the family and it has already made an impression. The online sportsbook can be accessed from the dedicated link in their main menu which presents users with large buttons at the top for choosing different types of games they want to bet on like football (American), hockey( NIHL )baseball basketball boxing rugby soccer cricket table tennis motor sport.

The odds format can be changed from the settings provided at bottom of the page. Bets are added by simply clicking on respective buttons with predicted results and offered bets have been placed for as little as $1, combos or create systems-based number picks you want to use in the system window that will show up after making selection(s).

Casino Games

The online casino is what you’re here for, and Rizk has exactly 700 games to offer. But let’s be real – the lobby could use some work; there are only a few options at the top when none of them have been selected which makes navigating through all those disclosures difficult as well! Luckily though (and this may sound crazy) if your goal was simply getting straight into playing without reading any further than necessary then good news: we’ve got just about everything covered under “online” in its entirety anyways so go ahead and explore away.

The vast majority of slot machines can be found in one place, with hundreds available to play. If you’re looking for Hollywood-themed games like Game Of Thrones or Sherlock Holmes then this is where they’ll live! They also have a variety that ranges from progressive jackpot slots which may offer prizes up to over 10 million dollars – perfect if your passion lies in winning big instead efficiency. The various sections within Rizk’s casino website include those dedicated specifically towards different types or themes such as Movies and TV Series (including Lord Archer), Then there is Reality Show Channels.

There are many different types of slots available in the Rizk online casino, but it also has a selection of table games. The live dealer version offers video poker with several versions such as Jacks or Better Deuces Wild. All American Poker Joker Poker Tens Or Better Poker hands that can be played on an actual gambling table instead!

In the world of online gambling, there are many different options available to bet on. However, it seems that Rizk Casino does not offer all these specialty games which means they’re missing out on an important demographic for their site – people who love keno and scratch cards among other things!

Table Games

With a handful of table games to choose from, it’s not surprising that there are only virtual ones in this category. You can play roulette and some different blackjack versions with live dealers as well though!

If you’re looking for a place to play some live casino games, the Rizk Live Casino is highly recommended. It has options from Evolution Gaming and NetEnt so there’s always an empty seat with your name on it! The roulette table available here will give players plenty of opportunities – not only do they get their own private game but also access various variants like RussianMatrixxalPlus bonus round where winners can win upsized stakes in addition to traditional single zero bets (or even contra).

Live dealer games are a popular way to gamble online. The betting limits for options available in these tables can start as low as just a few dollars and go up high roller stakes, which means that there is plenty of room where you will always have an opportunity at winning some greenbacks!

Promotions and Bonuses

The best part about this Rizk Casino review is that when you sign up from our site, not only will your first deposit help get things started with a 100% welcome bonus but also give 50 free spins on top of what’s already available. All these benefits just don’t stop there though! These extra chances come in the form of game-specific offers which means they’re limited to one slot machine per deposit–making it all that much harder for players like yourself who want nothing more than pure excitement during their time at home or online gambling. Log into any browser 24 hours after registration and claim yours today.

The bonus is a great way to get started playing at Billy’s Sportsbook! Once you’ve made your first deposit, you’ll receive an additional C$10 risk-free bet. If the selection doesn’t go as expected then just send back any winnings and get your money refunded – no strings attached!!

VIP and Extras

The Wheel of Rizk is a special mini-game that can be accessed after betting real money on the games. It allows players to win rewards, just like how their loyalty plays into it! If you’re new and want some free spins right away though there’s always this little thing called “The Offer”, which ensures everyone gets started well – enter your email address below now before supplies run out.

The Super Wheel of Rizk is a lucky charm for those who want to get more levels. It’s available at the 10th level but new players can also enjoy it when reaching the 5th milestone! Prizes on this wheel are better than any other version so make sure you grab yours now while they last because these things never stay around permanently.

When you level up, the Extra Wheel will give out prizes that range from real money to big jackpots. You can also collect free spins and super spin bonuses at C$1 each! If your bar fills all way through with doubles speed chips for even more point opportunities on top of those great rewards–you might want to activate this ability now because it goes away after useā€¦

The game that Rizk Casino is choosing every week will give you double the points for your real cash bet if it’s played through until Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

Rizk races are a great way to earn cash or free spins. You have the opportunity of winning big if you’re the top player in that specific race, but there is always an optimum limit on how many times one can play for each event so it doesn’t become too easy! The first place winners get paid real money while second and third placements receive gift cards which they can use towards future gambling trips abroad with Rizk Casino’s international partners.

Customer Support

Customer support is always available to help you with any questions or concerns. There’s live chat in the main menu, and it will open up a little window for entering your name/email address so they can get started on helping as soon as possible! Another way of contacting them would be through email which takes longer but does not have a set amount of time before getting responded too – just depends on how busy their inboxes are at that moment.

The operator of this site is proud to provide a clear, transparent gaming experience for all customers. That’s why the terms and conditions are prominently featured on every page from day one! Plus there’s also an extra section with more info about supported payment options if you need them explained too quickly or want some background knowledge before making your decision- everything has been thoughtfully planned out so it will take less than 5 minutes in total time spent reading through these details carefully though read below. What could be done better? We’re happy where we at right now but sometimes adding things can make life easier such as having separate FAQ sections.

Our Verdict

The first time you land on the website, Rizk aims to make a lasting impression. The colourful superhero theme is nice and amusing- it helps that this company has such cool superheroes! But when things get serious (like with security), they turn into something entirely different: there are lots of options for betting as well as customer support– all at your fingertips if needed; plus promotions galore too can be found here making sure we keep those happy players coming back again tomorrow.

The welcome bonus and special Wheel of Rizk spin offer are enough to get you started, but there’s even more! You can earn free spins by just betting on any game. As your account level increases so do the rewards – without having wager requirements like most other sites do nowadays. This ensures that everyone who signs up will have an opportunity at getting their hands on some extra cash for being loyal members in good standing with this brand.

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