The website is truly one-of-a-kind. The theme incorporates animated characters that resemble cookies, gingerbread men and mugs!

Cookie Casino is a whole new world for gamblers. The bright and fun colours will make you feel right at home, while the modern graphics give an appealing look to this website that has been around since 1998!

Type of Games

With a user-friendly website, you can find what your heart desires. You will have access to games in the form of slots, tabletop casinos, and live dealer rooms where dealers act out real-life scenes before our eyes! Some promotions offer bonuses for new players who want an opportunity at bigger wins with less risk – it sounds like something worth checking out, right? Head over now since only limited times are left until December 31st when all sites close down during “New Year Resolution Week.”

A few years ago, if you wanted to play some casino games online, then all of your choices were pretty much limited by what sites had available. It’s not the case anymore, though, as there are now hundreds upon thousands out on this platform which means that no matter how deep into addiction or just looking for fun times with friends strutting their stuff around these virtual tables – someone will always find something new!

Cookie Mobile and Applications

Cookie Casino offers its users an app to download. But there is no need to worry, as the site can be accessed from mobile browsers and caters across all devices – iOS’, Android or Windows smartphones & tablets alike!

HTML5 is the future, and this online casino has embraced it. You can play all their games on mobile without any graphics loss or delay in loading time! Additionally, you get access to products that look just like those found desktop versions with nothing sacrificed quality-wise, so no matter what device customers choose (even if it’s old school), Everything will be there waiting for them.

Type of Games

Bonuses & Promotions at Cookie Casino

CookieCasino is a site that both new and existing players will enjoy. They offer several promotions for those who sign up, including: -First-time depositor deserves an excellent bonus! -Deposit $5 or more to get a 100% match of your initial deposit amount up until 20000 credits (this reward only lasts 1 day). Plus, there’s no limit on how much you can earn if this isn’t currently active via cookies.)

  • 1st deposit bonus – 100% match up to $100 and 30 free spins for three consecutive days on the Book of Dead slot.
  • 2nd deposit bonus – 50% match up to $100 and 100 free spins on the Legacy of Dead.

The “Tuesday Free Spins” bonus is an excellent way to get your gambling addiction. With just C$20, you can enjoy 30 free spins on Book Of Dead slot machines!

The Sunday reload is a great way to get your gambling teeth into some sweet treats and win big! You can enjoy 50% up until C$500 and free spins on the Honey honey slot.

The minimum deposit for all bonuses is 25 dollars, and you can only place a maximum bet of 6.5 cents with an active bonus!

Type of Games

Cookie Casino offers over 2,000 games that are tailored to suit your preferences. From slots and roulette, you can find something for every taste with their selection of top software developers like NetEnt or Evolution, providing all types of gambling needs!

There’s also a live dealer option that includes all types of casino games and their respective variants. You can find yourself playing cards, dice or even slot machines while wearing gloves!


Cookie Casino offers a wide range of games for all players, with slots being one of the most popular options. There are many different types to choose from, including old favourites and new releases from well-known developers like Microgaming or NetEnt that allow you to filter your search by type, so it’s easy as can be!

What are you waiting for? The latest slots are just a click away! Output: What’s more fun than playing some slot machine games online and winning big, or losing Everything at random?!


When it comes to gambling online, you need a site that is safe and secure. CookieCasino has all these qualities, which means users can play with peace of mind knowing they are in good hands! The company holds an official license from both the Australian Government as well as competent regulatory bodies, so there’s no chance of getting scammed or asking questions later about what happened on your transaction..


Cookie Casino has a vast range of software providers with excellent games. Max-blocked websites are also available for your convenience, so you can choose from any developer or genre that suits you best!

The list of features that are included in the software can be overwhelming. Think about how you would expect to feel if your car was so complicated, yet all this time spent on it seemed fruitless. This happens because not every provider has made their interface easy enough for beginners or those who may lack computer knowledge! Fortunately, there’s an alternative: user-friendly programs like Xero (an accounting program), which make sure everyone gets exactly what they need without being overwhelmed by tons and tones options available at first glance.


The primary support channel is both live chat and email. It offers quick response times as well as friendly agents, with no telephone number on the website to call in case of emergency!


Cookie Casino is the ideal place for those who love gambling with cookies! The website has an attractive design and fun theme – not only are there over 2,000 games available, but you can also play slots or blackjack against live dealers. What more could one ask from their online casino experience?

The website offers a wide range of payment options, including some that are more familiar and common than others. Minimum deposits can be low with no fees incurred by users for using their service! Player support is responsive if you need help via email or live chat, but there’s nothing available on a phone call unless it’s an emergency which will cost extra money anyway, so avoid this when possible.

CookieCasino’s two deposit bonuses offer enough free spins to tempt any player. The sweet double deal is only available for new players, so sign-up today and gets your first bonus worth 200%!!!

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