Social Media Is a Waste of Time

When people ask what I do, I’m often baffled by brands and individuals who say, “I just don’t get social. Why would I waste my time on that?” This usually leads to an enthusiastic discussion where I excitedly and passionately discuss with them how social media could benefit their business. Their eyes may glaze over […]

Cooking Up Fun w/ Manitoba Food Bloggers

Tonight, I am pleased to be attending the inaugural Manitoba Food Bloggers meet and greet! Huge shout outs to the following for making this event happen and promoting local fare and food fun:   @WagJagWinnipeg   @ShelZolkewich   @ianmcc Looking forward to seeing all my foodie friends at the first of many wonderful events to […]

3 Customer Experience Sins & How to Fix Them

Creating an optimal customer experience is challenging for even top brands. Replicating this experience again and again across multiple locations is challenging at best. The brands doing this very well have refined operations and empowered employees to deliver on that brand promise rather than to adhere to an inflexible corporate policy. They have taken steps […]

Keeping It REAL In Social Media

When I am consulting and speaking about Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms and best practices surrounding a social media presence one of my favourite topics to cover is how to find your voice in social media. A 2011 survey revealed 81 percent of small/medium businesses are actively integrating social media into their marketing […]

Pigeonholing Pinterest: Where The Boys Are

I don’t usually write about the same topic in one week, but interest in Pinterest is reaching a fever pitch as people strive to get “invited” to the social network and brands figure out their approach to this visually-based smorgasbord of beautiful, helpful, and addictive symphony of pictures and eye candy. Even Chris Brogan got […]