#IceBucketChallenge: Why Was It Such A Hit

MoneySense Magazine recently published Canada’s top-rated charities in their December 2014 edition. As part of this report on the state of Canadian charity and our propensity to give, MoneySense writer Romana King asked SPARKER Strategy Group founder Susie Erjavec Parker why this past summer’s #IceBucketChallenge in support of the ALS Society was so successful that […]

Social Media Fakers & Posers: The Fauxperts

There is something happening more and more often out there in the world of social media. Businesses are falling prey to it, and individuals aren’t immune either. For the second time in as many weeks, we’ve been contacted to meet with a business owner who is already a client of a competitor. The business owner […]

To Tweet or Not To Tweet

Have you joined the Twitterverse? Are you Tweeting? And no, we don’t mean the cartoon bird. Twitter is a powerful social media tool to engage with your customers, colleagues, or celebrities–pretty much anyone who wants to share their opinion. In my humble opinion, Twitter is the great democratizer. Regardless of profile, stature, or profession using […]