3 Customer Experience Sins & How to Fix Them

Creating an optimal customer experience is challenging for even top brands. Replicating this experience again and again across multiple locations is challenging at best. The brands doing this very well have refined operations and empowered employees to deliver on that brand promise rather than to adhere to an inflexible corporate policy. They have taken steps […]

Going Up! Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch.

You are mingling at another holiday cocktail party or social gathering when someone you’ve just met asks you what you do or what your business is all about. How do you answer? As you launch into your answer, is the recipient of your response smiling and nodding knowingly, or have his/her eyes already glazed over […]

7 Tips To Take The “Work” Out Of Networking

Attending an industry conference or networking event these days in a lesson is self-promotion and marketing skills. Conferences, tweet-ups, meet-ups or even business luncheons are rife with networking opportunities for those who come prepared to put their best foot forward and invest some time and energy in building relationships.   As I head to Social […]

The Power of Yes

I usually tell clients and my mompreneur colleagues that “No” is great word for setting limits and expectations, and creating boundaries. These are all very important in business. But there is one more word, I argue, needs to be brought back into vogue by retailers and customer service agents around the world. The power of […]