Dislike button: What you need to know

Is your Facebook feed full of news stories and TV clips about the DISLIKE button?

It’s time to stop with the panic about the Dislike button!

facebook dislike

Mark Zuckerberg emphasized this week the button is being designed for people to express empathy over a negative event or circumstance.

What this means is that it likely won’t be a default for every post. We aren’t going to hit the “dislike” button every time a post irks us (which is very good because it’s election season on BOTH sides of the border.)

What I predict is that the DISLIKE button will be an option for you to offer your audience on YOUR OWN posts. Which means someone won’t be able to dislike something unless you’ve made that option available to them. Each of us has posted a status where we share  a sad or uncomfortable experience or a tragedy. As readers of others’ posts we have struggled to “Like” a post that was clearly NOT a positive experience but we still wish to express a sense of community with that person and so we stare at the “Like” button and know it does NOT capture how we feel. As humans, especially in social media, we want to empathize. We want to be able to say, “Yes, I hear your story. I hear your voice, and it is important to me.” This is what the DISLIKE button will likely do. Allow us to offer a better online translation of our real feelings via a medium not designed for the human way of showing this IRL which is usually a hug or acknowledgement of some kind.

As a social media strategist, it is disappointing to see the click-baity headlines spelling doom upon the release of the DISLIKE button. So please, relax. Zuckerberg knows how social media works, he knows there are more trolls out there than they can deal with, and he wants to make money for their advertisers and this network. Fanning online wars is not one of his goals nor is increasing online bullying, especially for teenagers.

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