Win Your Way In [CONTEST]–CMA MB Digital Day: February 6 & 7*


The Canadian Marketing Association (Manitoba Chapter) is hosting Digital Day on February 6 & 7. We want YOU to be there! Comment on this post with your greatest digital marketing challenge and you will be entered to WIN ($425 value).


Join over 150 of your marketing colleagues and business leaders at CMA Manitoba’s annual Digital Day – Feb. 6 & 7, 2013.

Technology continues to rewrite today’s marketing landscape at warp speed. It’s imperative marketing professional be informed about what’s new and what’s coming up fast in digital marketing.


The evening of February 6, this highly anticipated conference will kick-off with a signature networking event. Over drinks and appetizers, Tony Chapman – Founder and CEO of Capital C – will deliver an electric and engaging presentation on “Competing at the Speed of Life”.

Tony Chapman (sneak peek)

The next day, February 7, the conference goes full speed ahead with a full roster of speakers who will give practical examples of why and how you need to embrace the digital and social aspects of today’s business. The conference day will be similar to previous years with networking, tradeshow, and keynote presentations by Joseph Ranseth, Peter Shankman, and Andrew Echenberg.


Don’t forget to share your marketing challenge in the comments and you will be entered to WIN. We are giving away one (1) ticket to each event–one winner will be selected for the February 6 networking evening with Tony Chapman, and one winner will be selected for the February 7 conference event. Good luck!


Registration closes February 1. You can click here to register.

*Due to the location of the event, this contest is only valid to residents of Manitoba.
Unless of course, you wish to hop on a plane to #YWG. We do love visitors!

10 thoughts on “Win Your Way In [CONTEST]–CMA MB Digital Day: February 6 & 7*

  1. Lynne Robson says:

    As a web developer the world moves fast…even for me…I often have clients asking about social media and marketing for their business. I am troubled by the “business” of social media marketing…I still feel that marketers and businesses need to build relationships and not just market to their followers.

  2. My greatest digital marketing challenge is to get buy-in from others, especially colleagues who are very used to traditional media. Getting the chance to see how it’ll work, and showing that’s it needs to be incorporated in everything we do. Social media etc. is not a campaign/strategy/project of it’s own. it needs to be a part of EVERYTHING we do in every line of business!

  3. Learning how to/ what to do to be a positive contributer

  4. Annette K says:

    I’ve got buy-in, what I find most challenging is finding the time and getting my colleagues and team to find the time to contribute and participate. Intentions are great and well meaning – action takes a little longer.

  5. By far the biggest social media challange is to have a clear roi measurement strategy.

  6. Ben Rogers says:

    Engagement, strategy and a experienced social media staff member really help.