The first year of business: What no one ever tells you

One year ago today I launched SPARKER Strategy Group with a formal social media kick-off event at a local Winnipeg restaurant. My dear friend and social media marketing BFF, Jennifer Powell of Hart and Galla, helped pop the cork on this endeavour and it’s been non-stop ever since. SPARKER Strategy Group is like my fourth child. It grew inside me until I could no longer nurture it alone and had to offer it up to the world. It was the culmination of much thinking, fretting, knowing, dreaming, planning, strategizing, creating, imagining, hoping, believing, and of course, DOING.


It has been an amazing first year. We are so proud of the work we have done, the wonderful clients we have had the pleasure of working with, and the successes our clients have realized due to our working together. We are so honoured to have been a part of their recipe for success. As an entrepreneur, no one can ever tell you how hard you will actually work as you build your business. The countless hours you will spend thinking about your business, planning for your business, working SO hard for your clients (but never telling them how hard it was to actually pull off *that* miracle move), and trying to not BE all about your business all the time–it is exhausting BUT it is also so completely exhilarating and liberating to be in control of one’s destiny. I would not trade one moment.


In this business of marketing, social media, and PR, reputation and your word mean everything. People can see every time you tweet or post something what you are really all about. As a social media marketer, when you blog, converse online, chat, and teach, you have no air of mystery surrounding you. You are what you tweet, as they say. Fakers and posers need not apply. Therefore, it is terrific when a client comes to us because of a referral and says, “So-and-so recommended you so I really want to work with you.” That, my friends, means so much than any Klout score or +1.


As we begin a new year of business, we have to say THANK YOU to all of you–our clients,
suppliers, vendors, partners, friends, and family for supporting SPARKER Strategy Group. If you’ve read a blog post, shared a blog post, re-tweeted our content, had a lively discussion with us, HIRED us, partnered with us, recommended us, or allowed us to open your mind about social media and its place in your life or business–you have supported us. And we thank you very much.

Cheers to you all, dear readers and friends of SPARKER. Let’s keep the party going: Start your something brilliant today!


3 thoughts on “The first year of business: What no one ever tells you

  1. Lorimorton says:

    Congrats on your first year my friend. Here’s to many more to come!!