Pigeonholing Pinterest: Where The Boys Are

I don’t usually write about the same topic in one week, but interest in Pinterest is reaching a fever pitch as people strive to get “invited” to the social network and brands figure out their approach to this visually-based smorgasbord of beautiful, helpful, and addictive symphony of pictures and eye candy. Even Chris Brogan got called on the carpet for referring to Pinterest as “for women”. In response, the lovely Marcy Massura assured and asserted Pinterest is where it’s at right now, not just for brands but for users.


Numbers courtesy of http://www.ignitesocialmedia.com/social-networks/pinterest-demographic-data/

There has been ongoing debate in recent days about whether Pinterest is geared toward women or men. Early demographics do show it skewing more toward women, but to base a strategy on these early numbers and choose to not participate because the men have not caught up yet would be foolish. I find it ironic that Pinterest is skewing heavily for women right because we are all familiar with the old adage, “Oh, but men are such visual creatures!” And hello, this is something we hear in dating, car shopping, etc.—I’m pretty sure Victoria’s Secret has based entire ad campaigns around this.


The beauty of Pinterest is that while women are the majority users right now, there is an audience of men waiting to be engaged with by brands and other Pinterest users. As in my previous post where we discussed how brands can leverage Pinterest, there is still HUGE potential here for men. For instance, if you build hand-crafted furniture, or produce the biggest, baddest barbeque on the market, or restore vintage cars like the ’83 Monte Carlo SS series or ’68 Chevy Camaro, I would say there is real estate waiting for you in Pinterest.


Here are my Top 3 Ways To Bring Men To Pinterest

  1. If you are a car company, what are you waiting for? After last night’s Superbowl duel to the death of which truck would survive the impending Mayan Apocalypse, I would say GM and Ford should be extending the life of this campaign using Pinterest. Perfect example, “Men, show us how you’ve used and abused the #1 truck in America and it keeps coming back for more.” Teriffic opportunity to involve your customers in something visual and competitive—two things men love.
  2. If you manufacture/sell men’s apparel, why are your ad campaigns not living in visual form on Pinterest yet? Here is an example of a fantastic board someone has created. Moreover, provide style tips with visual storyboards of how to put outfits together, from ties and shirt to shoes and pants. Again, a great way to reach men and have them using your brand a source for info.
  3. DIY anything. There was a time when most renovation shows were geared toward women. Then television started to realize that men are the ones usually doing the gritty work. Now niche television stations have started catering to this. DIY reno shows hosted by manly men who talk the talk of renovations and repairs. With the surging popularity of the ‘man cave’ and other trends to make a space more masculine there is a tremendous opportunity to capture men’s attention with a Pinterest category dedicated to serving the handyman. Power tool companies, take heed!


Here are my Top 3 category recommendations for men to follow on Pinterest to really get their motors running:

  1. Cars & Motorcycles – everything from vintage to what’s hot on the market today
  2. Men’s Apparel – put together looks and get style tips for everyday casual to your next posh occasion
  3. Furniture and Architecture – great opportunities to feature products you create or how to style them


Don’t be afraid to start your own category!  Be bold!


Men, don’t be pigeonholed out of Pinterest. Yes, the Pinterest net is being cast far and wide and yes, it is capturing mostly a female market now, but that can only mean one thing for you—You still have time to make your indelible mark on Pinterest before someone else comes trampling on your turf. Be there. Own it. And try to be humble when others congratulate you on your foresight. You’re welcome. 😉

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