Newsflash, Brands–Pinning Is Where It’s At!

Pinterest is on the lips of many social media lovers these days. Pinterest, the virtual pin board, is driving more traffic than Google+. Users can like and share images and links they deem interesting or appealing. Users can categorize others’ pins according to their preferences. Popular categories include: food and drink, fashion, home décor, and health and beauty. Users can repin (share), organize, re-categorize in any way they want. Though the site is almost two years old users are still only allowed by invitation. Once invited, users can link their Pinterest accounts to their Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.  It is a personalized “wish board” for anyone seeking inspiration in beautiful things and visually enticing imagery.


Pinterest Users’ Profile

According to, Pinterest user profile reads as follows: is ranked #129 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings, and approximately 4% of visits to it are referred by search engines. The site’s visitors view 10.7 unique pages each day on average. Compared with the overall internet population,’s audience tends to be female; it also appeals more to moderately educated Caucasians under the age of 35 who have incomes over $30,000 and have more children. We estimate that 69% of the site’s visitors are in the US, where it has attained a traffic rank of 26.


Pinterest, moreso than Flickr, is going to do for images what YouTube did for video. It is already curating a huge amount of information and links, and empowering its users to upload, share, recommend, and curate their own repository of content unique to their tastes and preferences. And just like YouTube is leveraged by brands, more brands will do the same with Pinterest in the very near future.



There are a limited number of brand profiles on Pinterest right now. Examples include: Whole Foods, West Elm, Melissa & Doug, and JC Penney. Think of Pinterest as a re-imagining of a vision boards we put up to inspire us to aspire for creative, dreamy things and lofty goals. Its visual nature and appeal to the senses provide a lasting impression on our sights and thoughts.


How can users and brands best use Pinterest to connect and share with each other and bring these beautiful images to life? Here are 3 great ways to use Pinterest to supercharge the brand experience for your fans.

  1. Create Your Profile Page
    As stated earlier, joining Pinterest is still by invite-only. Once accepted, accounts can be created by syncing with Twitter or Facebook. To upload a profile picture, Pinterest will ask to pull the profile pic featured on your Twitter or Facebook profile. If the current profile pic is your brand logo, it makes sense to repurpose this for Pinterest. But if you wish to change the picture, this is simple enough to do. Hover over the account name at the top right-hand corner and click on settings from the drop down menu. From the settings menu, the name and email associated with account can also be edited, a location and website details can be added, and a short bio can be included here too. If the brand also has presence on Facebook and Twitter this is the place to include those public profiles as well.
  2. Integrate And Invite Interaction
    Pinterest makes it very easy to add feature buttons and links to users’ websites as a means of enticing those visitors to visit your Pinterest page. Check out Pinterest’s “Goodies” page for numerous hints and tricks to make connecting with customers on Pinterest simple and easy.In addition to integrating with your current social media and web presences, invite interaction and traffic from your existing followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or YouTube. By including links to your Pinterest profile and notifying your communities you’re on Pinterest it will make easy work of finding your brand, and fans cano join in and begin pinning your content.
  3. Post Pinteresting Pieces
    Just like social media shouldn’t be self-serving, neither should this visual display for your brand. Yes, of course, you can pin your own content, but as Pinterest etiquette suggests, don’t use it solely for self-promotion. Brands can really round-out their offerings by re-pinning content that followers will find useful and meaningful. These pins can complete or complement a visual representation of what the brand supports or offers customers.Even better, ask customers to post pins of what they’ve done with your products or how they have used your products in new and innovative ways. This is a great way to encourage interaction, discussion, and sharing.


Pinterest is bound to have considerable effect on the direction social media is going to take this year. Get in on the action now and enjoy this visually enticing way to share and be shared with millions. Mashable recently shared a list of ‘21 Must-Follow Pinterest Users’. If you are looking to learn more about Pinterest, join the weekly #pinchat on Twitter, held Friday nights at 10 PM EST, created and hosted by Kelly Lieberman (@Tribe2point0). Follow Kelly’s Pinterest profile here.


What have been your experiences with Pinterest? Where do you see this platform going?

4 thoughts on “Newsflash, Brands–Pinning Is Where It’s At!

  1. Mike Iwasiow says:

    Hey, thanks for this. My wife just showed this to me the other day. I didn’t think it would work for brands but has some potential I suppose (probably more for certain products than others). I’m going to see if we can use it for BookedIN.

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