A Gift For You: Master Of Your Domain, No Excuses

My blog post extolling the virtues of self-hosting your own blog or website instead of going with a free option was a big hit. Thank you for all the feedback and sharing. But to me, this post won’t be nearly as successful as it could be until we have sold more people on the business benefits of hosting and owning their own domain.

Therefore, I’m thrilled to offer you, dear readers, a holiday gift that will keep on giving.  I’m so excited to announce that my friends at A Small Orange are offering SPARKER readers an upgraded promo

“… that now applies to all shared and business class hosting options we offer. SPARKER readers can now get a great, ongoing discount (25%) on our entry level hosting packages. Please note this coupon applies to new orders only, and cannot be applied to an existing balance or account with A Small Orange.”

Also, dear readers, please note I do NOT stand to make any sort of commission or bonus by recommending A Small Orange for hosting or domain registration. As Neil from A Small Orange states, “We’re offering this discount to SPARKER Strategy Group readers because we truly appreciate your endorsement and your business.” Well, dear readers, isn’t that just fantastic?!

Take advantage today of this awesome deal! Give yourself the gift of self-hosted freedom. Make 2012 yours. Do it now. Register that dream domain. Take control of your brand and business future.

Happy Holidays from me to you.


2 thoughts on “A Gift For You: Master Of Your Domain, No Excuses

  1. A phenomenal tie-in, Susie! Your post on blogging to your own domain was spot-on and I LOVE that you are giving people a trusted opportunity to do it.