To Tweet or Not To Tweet

Have you joined the Twitterverse? Are you Tweeting? And no, we don’t mean the cartoon bird. Twitter is a powerful social media tool to engage with your customers, colleagues, or celebrities–pretty much anyone who wants to share their opinion. In my humble opinion, Twitter is the great democratizer. Regardless of profile, stature, or profession using social media tools like Twitter means you can engage with anyone in the Twitterverse.


Considering its founder Jack Dorsey (read the fascinating Vanity Fair article about him here) meant for Twitter to be like the Craigslist of instant messaging, Twitter’s popularity has far outgrown its humble beginnings and continues to gain more users every day. According to the latest social media stats detailing how Twitter is being used, your customers are already using Twitter, and looking for your brand/business to be there. The question is, Will they find you there? Or will their search result come up blank?


Tweets are limited to 140 characters, so it makes the art of keeping it short and sweet challenging but intriguing. It’s amazing how meaningful one can make 140 characters on a daily/hourly basis. If you currently send texts messages, you can Twitter too!


Setting up a Corporate Twitter Profile

  1. Sign up on Twitter. Try using a naming convention that could apply across the enterprise so that other corporate members are easy to find, identify, and follow. For instance, @yourcompanyname_yourhandle. Maintaining your company name as the first part of your Twitter profile will enhance your brand presence and make it easier for followers to search for other company personnel or offices with location/geography-based Twitter handles.
  2. Fill out your profile and include a picture, preferably your logo. In the “describe yourself” section use verbiage that reflects your brand and business objectives or even insert your corporate tag line.
  3. Start the tweeting. Generate interest with something short and simple, such as “@yournamehere wants to see you on our patio tonight! Join us for $3.50 Margaritas and mariachi music!”
  4. Find and follow others. Find colleagues, employees, competitors, and fans!


Once you have the account set-up, please use it.  When trying to think about how to use Twitter, use the same logic and manners that you would at a dinner party. No one wants to talk with someone who just talks about him/herself. It’s about asking engaging questions, posting relevant news or events, or as simple as asking what your customers are up to that day. Remember the WIIFM principle–What’s In It For Me? Your tweets should be more about your customers than about you. Ask yourself, how does this tweet benefit my customers/followers? If there is no good answer, rephrase the tweet or come up with content that drives your audience to engage with you. Your customers/followers will thank you, engage you, retweet you, and likely seek out your content more often. This is what most companies/brands get wrong about social media–It’s not about YOU (the company/brand), it’s about THEM (the customer). Keep this in mind for not only social media success but BRAND success.


Happy Tweeting!

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