SPARKER Strategy Group

Social Media, Digital Marketing, and Public Relations in Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA


When you want to take your brand to the next level with top-notch PR, marketing, or social media strategy to maximize customer engagement,  boost customer retention, and drive revenue SPARKER Strategy Group is the right business partner. We are Winnipeg’s first and only agency dedicated to social media marketing and promotion. In today’s business world, many brands are looking for meaningful ways to connect and engage with consumers.

The key? Be where your customers are. Most brands know they should be involved in social media but are unsure where to start. Some brands are active in social media but are not seeing the results they want. This is where SPARKER Strategy Group comes in.

Customers are already talking about your brand either on social media or IRL (in real life). Is your company listening and maximizing every interaction with customers? Is your brand actively engaging with customers to drive affinity, loyalty, and ultimately, sales? You should be. SPARKER Strategy Group will help you find your brand voice, craft your brand story, and create meaningful ways to engage your customers that translate into conversion and revenue for your business. Contact us and start something brilliant today™!